FULL! Facing History and Ourselves: Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations: Teaching the Lessons of an Imperfect Past and Present

This year’s topic will focus on understanding how history and its lessons are integral to an understanding of the condition of being human and to our students’ role as engaged and civically minded citizens. A century of multiple genocides and human rights atrocities on multiple continents offers a bleak verdict; sometimes even current events can leave us despairing. What insights can the humanities and the social sciences bring to the table? How might the lessons of the 1930s and 1940s inform and instruct us today? How can other historical examples and today’s headlines offer “teachable moments” in the classroom and community? How might we engage our students in difficult conversation about racism, dangerous speech, targeting of minorities, and rising antisemitism?

Join VHM and Dr. Mary Johnson, Senior Historian at Facing History and Ourselves, as together we engage in personal reflection, explore strategies for facilitating difficult conversations, and receive a toolkit of strategies that promote critical thinking to address ways of teaching history in today’s 21st-century classroom.

This workshop is currently at capacity. To be put on a waitlist for the workshop contact Megan Ferenczy, Director of Education at the Virginia Holocaust Museum at mferenczy@vaholocaust.org or 804–257–5400 ext.234.

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