The Alexander Lebenstein Teacher Education Institute: Session 1

This class has changed my perspective in every way imaginable. It will impact my teaching in ways yet to be seen.

The Teacher Education Institute is a ten day course, assisting educators with their understanding of the Holocaust and genocide. Sessions focus on historical background and pedagogy which link to the Virginia Standards of Learning requirements.

TEI is offered in partnership with Longwood University and is funded through a generous gift from Weinstein Properties.
Session One of TEI are made up of two parts:

  • Part I: July 4–9, 2016 (Online Course)
  • Part II: July 11–15, 2016 (at the VHM)

Tuition is $300

If you are interested in Room and Board please contact Megan Ferenczy (Room and Board is an additional cost)

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TEI Classroom

2000 East Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23223

The Teacher Education Institute (TEI) Classroom is a multi-purpose room for lectures, workshops, and meetings.

The classroom can fit up to 100 people and is equipped with a projector, DVD/VHS player, computer, WiFi, and microphones.

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