Voices of the Generations

Julie Kohner, founder and CEO of Voices of the Generations, Inc., will be sharing her mother’s Holocaust experience as well as her mother’s appearance on This is Your Life, a program popular in the 1950s. Her story of growing up as the child of a Holocaust survivor has motivated other children of survivors to share their stories too. Her programs move and inspire people of all ages, but especially young adults to look at adversity and the world around them in ways that are new.
Lecture beings at 2 PM and is free and open to the public.

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The Choral Synagogue Auditorium

Labeled one of the most beautiful synagogues in the Jewish world on the eve of the Holocaust, the Chore Shul (Yiddish for Choral Synagogue) of Kovno certainly was a gem of synagogue architecture. Dedicated in 1871, its name “chore” places the synagogue as a superb example of the large “choral synagogue” tradition of the second half of the nineteenth century in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the Russian Empire.

Jay Ipson, Museum co-founder, Holocaust survivor and Kovno native, opted to copy this architectural treasure in order to offer visitors some idea of the rich Jewish religous and cultural heritage that had existed before the Holocaust. Working with Marc Cohen and Trademark Woodworking, the original building’s plan moved from idea to actuality and now serves as the Museum’s auditorium.

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