Fanya Pekar

Remembering Fanya Pekar

December 8, 2015– We are very saddened to learn that Fanya Pekar has passed away. Fanya was born on November 7, 1928 in Tomashpol, Ukraine. Tomashpol was occupied by the German Army in 1941, and a ghetto was established there in December. Fanya lived in the ghetto until Tomashpol was

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Document Highlight: Eisenmann Letter

November 27, 2015–This letter from Lina Eisenmann to her cousin Sam Binswanger shows the desperation of a German born Jew trying to escape Nazi Germany. With help from Sam, Lina was able to obtain passage on a ship leaving for the US, but unfortunately she was not able to board

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DP Camp, Föhrenwald, Germany

A Statement from our Executive Director on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

November 24, 2015– The issue of refugees from Syria and Iraq has dominated our consciousness of late and tested our moral resolve. This issue generates much heat and rarely any light. Some dismiss comparisons to the Holocaust as irrelevant or lacking proper historical context. Little could be farther from the

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