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The Virginia Holocaust Museum Archives contains objects, artwork, photographs, documents, textiles, and furniture in addition to over 300 individual collections from Holocaust survivors, liberators, righteous, and witnesses.

Library Collection


The Carole Weinstein Holocaust Research Library contains over 5,000 volumes on the Holocaust and modern genocide. Resources include an extensive number of scholarly works, as well as literature, documentary films, feature-length films, periodicals, and sound recordings. The library collection is non-circulating, but researchers are encouraged to use the materials in our Reading Room.

Reading Room


The Barbara and Fred Kort Foundation Reading Room is available for anyone interested in doing research with the Virginia Holocaust Museum. To request a research appointment with our staff, please fill out our Request Appointment form by clicking the blue button below.  We will respond within 72 hours.

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The Virginia Holocaust Museum contains records and personal histories of genocide, which contain depictions of discrimination, segregation, sexual assault, and violence.