What to do if You Experience Antisemitism or Other Incidents of Bias, Discrimination, or Hate

If you see something, say something, report it!


From anti-Jewish comments to vandalism to acts of violence, incidents of antisemitism and other forms of hate have spiked in recent years, particularly here in Virginia.

Acts of hate affect all of us – in cities and towns across our state and around the world. And it is up to each of us to stop it.


Follow these four steps if you live in Virginia and experience or witness an antisemitic act.

  1. Inform local law enforcement authorities about the incident. If you are directly threatened, call the police immediately.
  2. Document the incident and preserve any evidence. Minimize handling of evidence and, if possible, avoid cleaning up until police arrive. If you must touch or move documents or items for any reason, you should wear gloves, minimize contact with the items, and wait for the police to respond.
  3. Report the incident to the ADL. ADL tracks, documents, and responds to antisemitic acts and other forms of hate across the country. Use this form to let them know what happened.
  4. Additionally, if you live in Central Virginia, please also report the incident to the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond. Use this form to let them know what happened.