Holocaust Survivor, Helen Zimm, passes away at 96

We are sorry to inform you that Helen Zimm passed away Monday, April 6, 2020. We mourn her passing with her family.

Helen Zimm (Drexler) was born in Lodz, Poland to Solomon and Brandla Drexler. Solomon and Brandla went on to have two other children, daughters Nana and Halina. The Drexler family was relatively prosperous, owning a wholesale business and soap factory in Lodz. In September 1939 the family was forced to move to Zarnow, Poland. There they lived in a single room, and survived by selling and trading handmade soap.

After meeting her husband, Sol, a Holocaust survivor himself, the couple moved to Richmond. The Zimms started a tailor business in town, and remained in the area with their growing families.

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Helen Zimm’s Obituary