Holocaust Survivor, Sonia Brodecki, passes away at 93

We are sorry to inform you that Sonia Brodecki passed away Wednesday, January 15, 2020. We mourn her passing with her family.

Sonia was born in Sosnowiec, Poland on July 8, 1927 to Miriam and Joseph Piekarska. The couple had one other child, a son named Lolek. Joseph owned and operated a sweets shop in Sosnowiec that was eventually taken over by the Nazis. On September 4, 1939 the Piekarska family was forced to move into a ghetto erected in Sonia’s hometown. From there, Sonia was deported to Breslau-Guentherbrueke labor camp in 1943. She was later moved to Kletendorf, where she assembled plane parts, and Ludwigsdorf, where she weighed gunpowder. She was liberated on May 8, 1945.

Like Bud, Sonia returned home with the hopes of finding her family, all of whom perished in the Holocaust. She ended up at the Landesberg-am-Lech DP camp in Germany where she met Bud. The couple was married shortly after, and had their first child, Joseph, in 1946. The family immigrated to the United States in 1949, raising their four children in the States.