Press: How antisemitic rhetoric is impacting Jewish communities, and what to do about it

Rabbi Eliana Fischel addresses a group of American University students in October. She tells NPR that the national rise in antisemitism is prompting many congregants to change their behavior. Washington Hebrew Congregation

NPR | November 6, 2022 | by Rachel Treisman, Associate Editor/Social Media & Digital Writer, Morning Edition

The rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, cast a bright spotlight on the age-old problem of antisemitism in recent weeks, with his offensive remarks inspiring other demonstrations of hate and stoking fears among the Jewish community.

“There’s always been threats, there’s always been antisemitism. But it feels like an epidemic right now,” says Beth Kean, CEO of the Holocaust Museum LA. “And the spread of hate and lies is just happening at lightning speed, and Kanye really opened the floodgates a couple of weeks ago with his comments.”