Israel Zoberman

Israel Zoberman 1947

Rabbi Dr. Israel Zoberman was born in Kazakhstan on November 12, 1945. His father, Yechiel Zoberman, had been studying in Warsaw in 1939, but escaped to the Soviet Union with his parents and brothers. They were exiled to Siberia, and Yechiel spent five years in the Soviet Army.

Yechiel met and married Chasia in Siberia in 1944. They moved the family back to Poland in 1946 where they made their way back to the American zone via Czechoslovakia and Austria. They spent 1947-1949 in the Wetzlar displaced persons camp near Frankfurt, Germany, where Israel's sister, Ester, was born. In 1949, Israel's immediate family immigrated to Israel whereas his grandparents and uncles immigrated to Chicago.

Israel Zoberman founded Congregation Beth Chaverim in Virginia Beach in the 1980s.

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