Wednesday, September 22, 4pm-5:30pm

Chiel, Genia, Josef and Szlomo Gelbard perform an outdoor music recital in Czeladz, Poland (c. 1935). Courtesy United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Blanka and Abraham Grin

The Virginia Holocaust Museum along with Facing History and Ourselves presents “Violins of Hope: Music, Memory, and Resistance during the Holocaust.”

Educators will examine the diversity and richness of Jewish culture in Europe before the war, including the importance of music in the lives of many Jews. There will also be a focus on how music continued to be a part of Jewish life even during Nazi oppression. Educators will be encouraged to think broadly about the idea of resistance: while some resisted Nazi tyranny by taking up arms, many others resisted using “weapons of the spirit,” including music. This online workshop is in conjunction with the Museum’s temporary exhibit, “Violins of Hope.” This professional development is free for educators and includes Facing History and Ourselves resources. A certificate of attendance will be emailed to participants at the conclusion of the workshop.


History, English AND music teachers are encouraged to register!

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Please contact Director of Education, Megan Ferenczy