2020 Student Visual Art Contest packet

Carole Weinstein Prize for Tolerance and Justice in the Visual Arts winners will receive
1st Prize: $500 + $100 Certificate for the Visual Arts Center of Richmond
2nd Place: $250 | 3rd Place: $150
Honorable Mention: $100

Student Art Contest 2021

Richmond has become home to many Holocaust and contemporary genocide survivors and refugees. It is the Virginia Holocaust Museum’s mission to tell those stories, educating and helping to ensure that the words “Never Again,” are someday realized. Using the resources below on the Virginia Holocaust Museum website, watch survivor interviews, read about their lives and their experiences during the Holocaust, look at their family photos and then show us through your artwork how the stories of local survivors have impacted and affected you!

Email photos of artwork, student info, and artist statement to mferenczy@vaholocaust.org by March 12, 2021.

Additional Resources

Oral Histories

Survivor Archives

Virginia Survivors


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