The Alexander Lebenstein Teacher Education Institute (TEI) assists educators with their understanding of the Holocaust and genocide. Sessions focus on historical background and pedagogy, which link to the Virginia Standards of Learning requirements. TEI is offered in partnership with Longwood University and is funded through generous teacher sponsorships.

The Teacher Education Institute is named in honor of Alexander Lebenstein (OBM). Lebenstein was a Holocaust survivor. He was passionate about the importance of Holocaust education as the best path to ensuring such atrocities never happen again.

Our program is recommended for middle and high school educators who would like to or currently teach the Holocaust in their classrooms. Longwood University’s Professional Studies Office utilizes the descriptions for Renewal Options in the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual to suggest appropriate professional development points. But it also advises all participants earning those points to work with their educational employing agency to verify and classify each course offered.


"This class has changed my perspective in every way imaginable. It will impact my teaching in ways yet to be seen."

Survivor Halina Zimm sharing her personal story with attendees.