Sponsor A Teacher

There is no doubt the Alexander Lebenstein Teacher Education Institute (TEI) is the flagship program for educators at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. TEI has been accomplishing its mission to assist educators with their understanding of the Holocaust and genocide for nearly ten years.

“TEI has a ripple effect,” according to Megan Ferenczy, Director of Education, “We are not only reaching and educating the teachers but the thousands of students they will teach during their careers.”

TEI has grown from a weekend workshop to a two-week, multi-component course which focuses on the historical background and pedagogy which link to the Virginia Standards of Learning requirements.

A $700 Teacher Sponsorship Covers:

  • A week-long online course
  • A week-long in-classroom course
  • The cost of educational resources that the teacher can use in their classroom
  • Providing Holocaust professors and historians as teachers
  • Meals for participants

To learn more about how you can sponsor a teacher, please contact Samuel Asher at sasher@vaholocaust.org or Megan Ferenczy at mferenczy@vaholocaust.org.