Elizabeth Gomperts Family Papers / Record Group 26

Title Elizabeth Gomperts Family Papers

Dates 2003–2004

Accession Number RG-26

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Provenance Elizabeth Gomperts

Biographical Note

Elizabeth Gomperts (Schneider) was born on September 8, 1922 in Rotterdam, Netherlands to Georg and Gisela Schneider. She was the oldest of three children, having two younger sisters, Gisela and Doris. The Gompert family moved to Hamburg, Germany in 1928, but returned to the Netherlands in 1933, moving to The Hague. Georg worked in the import and export business, while Gisela worked as an archaeologist. 

Holland was invaded by the Third Reich on May 10, 1940. Anti-Jewish policies were quickly instated, including the removal of Jewish students from public schools. In reponse to this policy, the community in The Hague established a Jewish High School in the area. Because of this school, Elizabeth was able to graduate on July 2, 1942.

A few weeks following graduation, Elizabeth and her father received orders to report to a work camp. Instead, the family went into hiding. The Gomperts were hidden by Jeanne Francisca Croes-van Delden, the sister of Gisela's piano teacher. The Gomperts lived with the Croes-Jeanne and her four children until May 1945. During this time they took on false identities, inhabited two rooms upstairs in the Croes home, and were aided with supplies and money from Georg's business associates. The Gomperts did not leave the Croes home until liberation.

After the war, the family moved back to their street in The Hague. Eventually, Elizabeth left the Netherlands and settled in Richmond. 

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Scope and Content

The Gomperts, Elizabeth (Schneider) Family Papers contain biographical material, photographs, Righteous Among the Nations recommendation documents, and materials related to the book Slotakkoord der Kinderjaren. Biographical materials provide an overview of Elizabeth's experience during the Holocaust. These materials include a list of places Elizabeth was from 1929–1945, notes from an interview conducted with Elizabeth, and a speech given by Elizabeth during a Yom HaShoah event.

Photographs include digital and physical copies of four images: Greg in the family's hiding spot in the Croes home, the three Gomperts sisters, Elizabeth's false identification papers, and students at the Jewish High School in The Hague. These images help contextualize Elizabeth's experiences.

Righteous Among the Nations recommendation documents include copies of the materials Elizabeth submitted to have the Croes family nominated for the distinction. These documents explain the role the Croes had in keeping the Gomperts hidden and describe the conditions the Gomperts lived in during the War. These materials also include a copy of the program from the Yad Vashem ceremony where the Croes were recognized as Righteous.

Slatkkoord der Kinderjaren materials contain a summary of the book, the book itself (in Dutch), and a Dutch article on the book. Slotakkoord der Kinderjaren is the work of a former student of the Jewish Lyceum Fisher in The Hague who recounts the history of the school, and examines the fate of its students.

Finally, Miriam Davidow Shoah interview material include an interview form and two correspondences between Miriam and Elizabeth discussing her interview. These materials provide some insight into how Elizabeth decided to memorialize the Holocaust, and explore her own experiences.


Box Folder Contents
1 1 Biographical materials
1 2 Photographs
1 3 Righteous Among the Nations Documents
1 4 "Slotakkoord der Kinderjaren"
1 5 Miriam Davidow Shoah Interview material

Indexing Terms

  • Gomperts, Elizabeth Konstanze (Schneider) )b. September 8, 1922)
  • Gomperts, Elisabeth Konstanze (Schneider) (b. September 8, 1922)
  • Gomperts, Robert E. (b. unknown)
  • Vos, Cornelia Gresenida (AKA Elizabeth Gomperts (Schneider)) (b. September 8, 1922)
  • Vos Corrie (AKA Elizabeth Gomperts (Schneider)) (b. September 8, 1922)
  • Schneider, Georg (b. September 1, 1984, d. June 12, 1985)
  • Vos Gerrit (AKA George Schneider) (b. September 1, 1894, d. June 12, 1985)
  • Schneider, Gisela (Herrmann) (b. September 1, 1893, d. March 16, 1992)
  • Vos, Lies (AKA Gisela Schneider (Herrmann)) (b. September 1, 1893, d. March 16, 1992)
  • Croes, Gisela Ida (Schneider) (b. August 21, 1926)
  • Croes, Geisele Ida (Schneider) (b. August 21, 1926)
  • Vos, Kitty (Gisela Croes (Schneider)) (b. August 21, 1926)
  • Kuyken, Doris Ursula (Schneider) (b. August 31, 1931)
  • Passchier-Meyer, Hetty Clara (b. February 2, 1922)
  • Boerma-Croes, Anna (b. October 10, 1921)
  • Croes-van Delden, Jeanna Francisca (b. May 31, 1898, d. October 19, 1979)
  • Croes, Henri Fanciscus (b. May 7, 1920, d. July 27, 1991)
  • Croes, Otto Constant (b. August 3, 1926, d. September 18, 1969)
  • Croes, Jan Nico (b. July 3, 1928, d. June 5, 1993)
  • van Delden, Jansie Elizabeth Marie (b. April 16, 1892, d. July 26, 1995)
  • Wichmann, Clara (b. unknown, d. unknown)
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Oegstgeest, Netherlands
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Leiden, Netherlands
  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Locarno, Switzerland
  • Auschwitz (concentration camp)
  • Sobibor (concentration camp)
  • Slotakkoord der Kinderjaren; Herinneringen ann het Joodsch Lyceum Fisherstraat den Haag 1941–1943
  • German Army
  • Yad Vashem
  • Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust
  • Hidden children (Holocaust)
  • Holocaust, Jewish (1939–1945)–Netherlands–Personal narratives
  • Holocaust, Jewish (1939–1945)–Netherlands
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