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In July 1987, Dr. Charles W. Sydnor, Jr., VHM's Senior Historian, accepted an invitation to speak in Frankfurt. His colleague, Professor Joachim Russek, suggested a trip to Poland to visit Auschwitz. While there, he experienced the former killing center as few tourists have – a nearly empty memorial site.

For several hours, Sydnor walked among the ruins of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp by himself. With only his camera and the ruins to keep him company, he took hundreds of black and white photos. Memorial Without Witness features a curated collection of Sydnor's images, enlarged to wall-size panels so that the visitor can see and feel what it is like to walk alone among the rubble and decay of the Nazi's most notorious death camp, Auschwitz.

Two million people from all over the world visit the site each year. But on a warm afternoon in July of 1987, Dr. Charles Syndor walked the sacred grounds alone capturing a Memorial Without Witness...and now you can be a witness too.

Exhibit Renovation Campaign

The Virginia Holocaust Museum is currently undergoing a multi-year renovation of our core exhibits.

This process will update, modernize and expand the main exhibits, while focusing on threading the voices of Virginia’s Survivors into the narrative.

These renovations will support our mission to educate and inspire future generations of Virginians to fight prejudice and indifference.

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Submissions for our 2024 Student Visual Arts contest are open now through March 31st, 2024.


Show us through your artwork the stories of local survivors and how they have inspired you.


Open to 6th-12th grade students  |  Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024


1st Place: $500  |  2nd Place: $250  |  3rd Place: $150  |  Honorable Mention: $100


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