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Action 14f13 in the Concentration Camps



Main Bureau for SS Economic Administration
Bureau Group Chief D -- Concentration Camp --
DI/l/Az: 14 f 13/L/S
Secret order of the day -- No. 612/43
Subject: Action 14 f 13 in the concentration camps.
Reference: Local directive DI/l/Az: 14 f 13/0T/S -- Secret order
of the day No. 34/43 of S.1.43


To the Camp Commanders of the Concentration Camps
Da; Sah., Bn., Man., Flo., Neu., Au., Gr.-Ro., Natz., Stu.,
Rav., Ri., Herz., Lubl., and Bergen-Berlsen.
Copy to: Chief of Bureau D 11, III in the house

The Reich Fuehrer-SS and Chief of German Police has decided, after consultation, that in the future only mentally sick [geisteskranke] prisoners may be selected for action 14 F 13 by the medical commissions appointed for this purpose. All other prisoners incapable of working (tubercular cases, bed- ridden cripples, etc.) are to be basically excepted from this action. Bed-ridden prisoners are to be drafted for suitable work which they can perform in bed.

The order of the Reich Fuehrer SS is to be obeyed strictly in the future. Requests for fuel for this purpose therefore do not take place.

[signature illegible]
SS-Brigadefuehrer and Major General of the Waffen-SS


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