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Law Regarding Admission to the Bar

7 April 1933

The Reich Government has enacted the following law that is promulgated herewith :
Art. 1. The admission of lawyers who, according to the Law for the Restoration of the
Professional Civil Service, of April 7, 1933 (RGBI, I 175), are of non-Aryan descent, may be cancelled till
September 30, 1933.

The provision of clause 1 does not apply to lawyers already admitted before August 1, 1914, or,
who, during the World War fought at the front for Germany, or her allies, or who lost their fathers or
sons in the World War.

Art. 2. Persons who, according to the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service of
April 7, 1933 (RGBI. I, p. 175) are of non-Aryan descent, may be refused permission to practice law, even
if there exists none of the reasons enumerated in the Regulations for Lawyers. The same rule applies in
cases, as where a lawyer described in Section 1, clause 2, wishes to be admitted to another court.

Art. 3. Persons, who were active in the communistic sense are excluded from the admission to
the Bar. Admissions already given have to be revoked.

Art. 4. The Justice-Administration can issue an injunction against a lawyer until it is decided, if
use will be made of the right to revoke the admission in accordance with Art 1/1, or Art 3. The
prescriptions of Art 9/b/2-4 of the Bar regulation (Reichs-Law Publication 1933, I, page 120) apply
accordingly to the injunction against representation.
Against lawyers of that type as described in Art. 1/2 the injunction against representation is only
then permissible when the use of Art. 3 is concerned.

Art. 5. To revoke the admission to the Bar is considered an important reason for the cancelling
of employment contracts, which were concluded by the lawyer as employer.

Art. 6. In case the admission of a lawyer is revoked in accordance with this law, then for the
cancelling of leases of rooms, which were rented by the lawyer for himself or his family, the regulations
of the law about the cancelling right of persons concerned by the law for the renovation of professional
bureaucracy, 7 April 1933, (RGB1. Part I, page 187) will accordingly be used. The same will apply to
employees of lawyers, who lost their job owing to the fact that the admission of the lawyer was revoked
or an injunction against representation against him was issued in conformity with Art. 4.

Berlin, 7 April 1933

The Reichs-Chancellor
Adolf Hitler

The Reichs-Minister for Justice
Dr. Guertner

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