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Order Eliminating Jews from German Economic Life

12 November 1938

On the basis of the Decree of 18 October 1936 for the execution of the Four Year Plan (RGBI I, p. 887), the following is ordered:

Article 1

  1. From January 1, 1938, operation of retail shops, mail order houses, independent exercise of handicrafts is forbidden to Jews. (Article 5 of the First Decree to Reich citizenship law [Reichsbuergergesetz] of 14 Nov 1935-RGB1 I, 1933).
  2. Moreover it is forbidden to Jews from the same date to offer goods or services in the markets of all kinds, fairs, or exhibitions or to advertise such or accept orders therefore.
  3. Jewish shops operated in violation of this order will be closed by police. (Third Decree to Reich citizenship law of 14 June 1938-RGB1 I, 627).

Article 2

  1. No Jew can manage a firm according to the interpretation of the term "manager" under the law for national labor of 20 Jan 1934. (RGBI I, 45).
  2. If a Jew is a leading employee in a business concern he may be dismissed with notice of six weeks. At expiration of this period all claims resulting from the employee's contract, especially claims of compensation or pensions, become null.

Article 3

  1. No Jew can be a member of a cooperative society.
  2. Jewish members of cooperatives lose membership from 21 Dec 1938. No notice is necessary.

Article 4

Competent Reich Ministers are empowered to issue rules required by this decree. They may permit exceptions so far as this is necessary for transfer of Jewish firms into non-Jewish hands or for liquidation of Jewish concerns and in special cases in order to insure supplies.

Berlin, 12 November 1938

The Commissioner for the Four Year Plan
General Field Marshal

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