Professional Development opportunities for school systems and school staffs are on-going and can be tailored to the needs of your educational community. A few possibilities within the Virginia Holocaust Museum are:

  • Full day workshops including a tour of the VHM and workshop focusing on the teaching of the Holocaust.
  • Half day workshops including a tour of the VHM and an overview of available educational materials and opportunities for students
  • Workshops delivered by special guests


The Alexander Lebenstein Teacher Education Institute

The Alexander Lebenstein Teacher Education Institute assists educators with their understanding of the Holocaust and genocide. Sessions focus on historical background and pedagogy which link to the Virginia Standards of Learning requirements. TEI is offered in partnership with Longwood University and is funded through generous teacher sponsorships.
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Law Enforcement: Examining Ethics and Leadership

Law Enforcement:  Ethics and Leadership Program focuses on the role of law enforcement during the Holocaust and the role that law enforcement plays in today’s society.  This 4 hour program is ideal for law enforcement at the local, state and federal level and includes:

  • A guided Museum tour
  • Presentation and discussion of the role of law enforcement in the Nazi State
  • An examination on the role of law enforcement in contemporary society

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Upcoming Programs

Echoes & Reflections: Contemporary Anti-Semitism

Thursday, April 29, 4pm-5:30pm

How do we help students understand that antisemitism did not begin nor end with the Holocaust? What do students need to know in order to recognize antisemitism today and to stand up to antisemitism and other forms of hate? This learning opportunity explores classroom materials to support effective teaching of contemporary antisemitism, its global reach, and its expression in the form of hate speech, violence, denial, and distortion of the Holocaust.

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