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The Second Decree for the Execution on the Law Regarding the Change of the Surnames and Forenames

17 August 1938

On the basis of Article 13, of the law of 5 January 1938 (Reichsgesetzblatt I.S.9) concerning the change of the surnames and given-names, the following is ordered:

Art. 1

  1. Jews may be given only such given-names as are cited in the directives issued by the Ministry of Interior concerning the utilization of given-names.
  2. Para. (1) is not applicable to Jews who are foreign citizens.

Art. 2

  1. In so far as the Jews are still using some other given-names different from those which are at their
    disposal according to Art. 1, they are obliged to assume by the 1st January 1939, a second, additional
    given-name as follows; for males, the given-name Israel and for females the given-name Sara.
  2. The person having to assume an additional forename according to para (1) is obliged to give a written
    notification in this matter to the registration office at which his birth, and marriage are registered. The
    same notification is to be given to the proper police-official in the registerer's place of residence or
    customary habitat. The notifications are to be reported within a month from the date requiring him to
    assume an additional given-name.
  3. In so far as the birth or marriage of the person who must register has been verified by a German
    diplomatic representative of a Consul, or has been verified in a German protectorate, the notification,
    which must be made, is to be forwarded to the Register-Office I, Berlin. If the place of residence or
    customary habitat of the person registering is abroad, the notification in question, mentioned in Para
    (21, sentence (1) is to be forwarded to the competent German Consul instead of to the competent
  4. register rests upon the legal representative.

Art. 3

As far as is customary in juridicial and business procedure to indicate the given-names, the Jews are obliged always to indicate at least one of their given-names. In so far as they are required to assume an additional given-name as mentioned in Art. 2, this additional given-name is to be indicated also. The present directives regarding the management of a business are not hereby altered.

Art. 4

  1. Whoever deliberately disobeys the directives of Art. 3 is to be punished by imprisonment of up to six months. Cases of negligent disobedience will be punished by imprisonment of no more than one month.
  2. Whoever deliberately or carelessly neglects to give the proper notification according to Art. 2 is to be fined or punished by imprisonment of no more than one month.

Berlin, 17th, August 1938.

Reichs Minister of the Interior: Representative,
Dr. Stuckart Reichs

Minister of Justice:
Dr. Guertner


Source: Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Vol. 4. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1947. 1674-PS.
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