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Theodore and Joe in 1931

Theodore Brenig was born on July 17, 1927 to Baruch and Gittel Brenig. In 1938, after Kristallnacht, Baruch was arrested and taken to Dachau where he was released after three months. In 1942, the family was taken to Camp des Milles and in August, Baruch and Gittel were deported to Auschwitz.

Theodore's parents had authorized the OSE to take him out of the camp, and his brother, Joseph, hid on one of the OSE buses to escape as well. Theodore was taken to the Hotel Bompard Internment camp and then on to a children's home. When they began to deport children, Theodore was taken to Chambery in the Italian zone of occupation, and then smuggled into Switzerland after the Italians capitulated. He became an engineer in Switzerland after the war and was eventually offered a job by General Electric after which he moved to Lynchburg, Virginia.

Joseph, who was too old to be taken in by the OSE, obtained false papers and worked on a farm. He joined the Free French Forces in 1944.

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