Antisemitism: Understanding and Countering Hatred Today


How do we help students understand that antisemitism did not begin nor end with the Holocaust? What do students need to know in order to recognize antisemitism today and to stand up to antisemitism and other forms of hate?

This learning opportunity explores classroom materials to support effective teaching of contemporary antisemitism, its global reach, and its expression in the form of hate speech, violence, denial, and distortion of the Holocaust.


Through this program, educators will:

  1. Define contemporary manifestations of antisemitism, both different and the same as traditional forms of antisemitism present before and during the Holocaust;
  2. Discover and utilize classroom lessons and resources to help students explore the persistence and impact of antisemitism worldwide;
  3. Explore ways to support students’ ability to recognize and actively to respond and prevent antisemitism and other forms of prejudice; and
  4. Build confidence and capacity to teach this subject.

“ I am impressed. I feel this gives me what I need to address this tough topic with my students. Thank you.”

—Middle School Social Studies Teacher

This workshop is free for educators and includes:

  • Breakfast, Coffee, and Lunch
  • English and Spanish Language Resources for Educators
  • A Certificate of Attendance


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