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The Virginia Holocaust Museum preserves and documents the Holocaust in exhibits and its archival collections.  Through the permanent exhibit, educational programming and outreach, the Museum employs the history of the Holocaust and other genocides to educate and inspire future generations of Virginians to fight prejudice and indifference.

Content Warning:  This film contains difficult subject matter and imagery.

Running Time:  58 Minutes

Film Chapters

0:00​ Introduction 

3:41​ Box Car 

7:42​ Museum Entrance 

9:12​ Holocaust Memorial Wall 

9:39​ The Train Station 

10:46​ Rise of the Nazis 

12:46​ Concentration Camps 

15:48​ Hyde Farmland 

18:43​ Kristallnacht 

25:06​ MS St. Louis 

26:52​ The Ipson Family 

34:29​ Righteous Among the Nations 

36:52​ Partisans 

39:42​ Children During the Holocaust 

40:49​ Deportation, Selection, and Processing 

46:58​ Gas Chamber/Crematorium 

49:02​ Death Marches and Liberation 

52:33​ Displaced Persons Camp 

54:13​ Post War Justice 

55:57​ Chore Shul 

56:38​ Tower of Remembrance

This film is produced by the Virginia Holocaust Museum and contains material protected by copyright and all rights are reserved.  This film may not be reproduced and the use is limited to educational purposes.

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