Donating Artifacts

The Virginia Holocaust Museum is actively seeking materials from survivors, liberators and eyewitnesses to preserve the memory of the Holocaust. Donations to the Museum are accessible for researchers as well as used in our permanent exhibits and educational programming.

The Virginia Holocaust Museum only collects material from those with a Virginia connection; most commonly a survivor who settled in Virginia after the Holocaust or a soldier originally from the Commonwealth. The Museum no longer accepts Nazi material culture, which includes items like flags, armbands, daggers, and other military items.

The more common items we collect include:

  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Documents, Correspondence, Diaries
  • Personal Effects
  • Photographs
  • Sound and Video Recordings
  • Textiles
  • Three-Dimensional Objects

If you wish to donate material to our collection, please fill out our Donation Form on the right and provide us with some basic information about the items. The curatorial staff will review all submissions and respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Please do not send any items to the Museum without first speaking to one of our curators in order to make proper arrangements.

Donation Form

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