Holocaust Survivor, Alan Zimm, has passed away

We are sorry to inform you that Alan Zimm passed away April 18, 2020. We mourn his passing with his family.

Alan was born in Kolo, Poland to Mencham and Shaina Ziemniak. He was one of nine siblings. In 1939 Alan relocated to Bugay and then Warta, Poland, spending some of this time in hiding. He was captured in 1942 and sent with his family to the Lodz ghetto. He remained there until 1943 after which he was sent to a number of concentration camps: Czestochowa, Buchenwald, Dora, and Bergen Belsen. He was liberated April 15, 1945. Alan thought he was the only survivor from his family, but later found his older brother, Sol, in a German Displaced Persons (DP) Camp.

Alan married Halina, a Holocaust Survivor herself, in 1948. The couple immigrated to Richmond in 1949.

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