As antisemitism grows, so does its dangers to everyone. Here’s how you can fight against it

OCTOBER 31, 2023

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is gravely concerned about the unprecedented antisemitism erupting—sometimes violently—on college campuses; city streets in the United States, Europe and beyond; all over the internet; and even in an airport, creating an environment of intimidation and threat to Jews all over the world. 

Museum Chair Stuart E. Eizenstat said, “In the wake of Hamas’ terror attack on Israel, the largest killing of Jewish civilians since the Holocaust, we are witnessing a horrific rise in antisemitism. College students, leaders, and the broader public need to learn the history and lessons of the Holocaust—the dangers of unchecked antisemitism, the power of propaganda, and the potential for complicity in group-targeted violence. All of us need to understand the lessons of the past and take responsibility for the future.”

A nonpartisan federal, educational institution, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America’s national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, dedicated to ensuring the permanence of Holocaust memory, understanding, and relevance. Through the power of Holocaust history, the Museum challenges leaders and individuals worldwide to think critically about their role in society and to confront antisemitism and other forms of hate, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.


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