Upcoming Speaker: Hank Greenspan

hank greenspan
January 5, 2016–

Join us February 20th at 1:30pm for a talk with Hank Greenspan. Hank is a psychologist, playwright, and author who specializes in oral histories. He will be speaking about his work with survivors of genocide, and the importance of recording their stories.

Hank Greenspan, a psychologist and playwright at the University of Michigan, has been interviewing, teaching, and writing about a group of survivors that he has known since the 1970s. He will discuss what one learns through deepening conversation and sustained acquaintance that rarely arises in single “testimonies.”

The VHM’s I Witnessed History program gives Museum visitors a unique opportunity to hear first-hand about the life experiences of extraordinary individuals who lived through difficult periods of history. Each session will include a lecture followed by a question and answer session during which visitors can interact with our special guests and learn more by asking questions.

You can visit the event page here