Samuel Asher

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Megan Ferenczy

Director of Edcuation Megan Ferenczy is the Director of Education at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Attending the University at Buffalo, Megan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Education. She has taken coursework in Museum Studies and is also certified to teach middle and high school

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Rachel Harper

Graphic Designer Rachel joined the Virginia Holocaust Museum in 2014, working as the Graphic Designer. Prior to working at the VHM, Rachel has worked for the American Civil War Museum as a Development Coordinator and as the Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer for the Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe. Rachel had also

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Tim Hensley

Director of Collections Tim joined the Virginia Holocaust Museum in 2004 as the Director of the Carole Weinstein Holocaust Research Library. He moved to his current position in 2013 where he continues to serve as the modern genocide specialist for the Museum. His graduate work focused on preservation and access

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Angela Rueda

Assistant Curator Angela Rueda joined the Virginia Holocaust Museum staff as the Assistant Curator in 2015. She received a BA in anthropology from the College of William and Mary in 2012, and an MA in anthropology with a concentration in museum and heritage studies from the University of Denver in

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Brett Schrader

Development Manager Brett serves as the Museum’s Development Manager, and is responsible for maintaining all of the Museum’s contributions, and assisting with its outreach programs, and community giving. He began as a volunteer in 2009, and has been a part of the staff since 2010. Brett is an alumnus of

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Matt Simpson

Director of Guest Services Matt joined the VHM in 2007 as a volunteer in the Library/Archives, working to catalogue and preserve Holocaust survivor testimonies. That same year, he was brought on staff as an office assistant. In his current position of Director of Guest Services, which he has held since

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Dr. Charlie Sydnor

Senior Historian Dr. Charles W. Sydnor Jr. is a highly respected historian of the Holocaust and World War II. He provided the United States Department of Justice and its Office of Special Investigations with expert testimony in twenty-one court cases involving former SS concentration camp guards and Nazi death camp

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Stuart Wilkinson

Facilities Manager

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Kara Yurina

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